song sung by no one

i could’ve done more. but i chose to melt everything. i wanted everyone to feel what it feels like to have dreams in the palms of their hands and melt them thusly. is it cruel? we try so hard to abide by your rules and regs that we’re willing to deny what our very souls shout for.

i need you to know, this has never ended well for either side.

are sides really the argument? nope. you demons have a better understanding of time and thusly are not perturbed. but you know what that sounds like to resilient humans? a fucking challenge. research your records, foul beasts, and you’ll see we’ve become more foul tha you. it scares you. ‘we scared the boogyman’. fuck you, you bully ass cocksucker. the living are infinitely more terrifying than you could ever be.

but. liberte. lets work together. help us, dear, deadly departed. you feel it don’t you? That good can overpower the bad. but what if good and bad are the same thing when you include intent? what are you? who are you? who are you trying to please?

many of us want this game to end. it feels like a game. of course, in game terms, everybody wants to win. but in humanist terms, if there is someone out there, make us all lose. it’s only fair.


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