sometimes i think silly things. here’s one i thought of today. what if they used jesus as a ‘heroic’ sort of figure to idolize, kinda like iron man, wolverine, spiderman, or they who defied the things imprinted upon us. was jesus the first graphic novel? it reads like a graphic novel, and when you get to the backstories of certain characters, it’s like, whaaaaaat?! that’s dope! but the thing is, it’s been happening longer than you think. almost like they continuously do this through generation and generation. It’s like they can predict generations almost!! no that’s horseshit. but it’s true. that’s why you feel like you’re inbetween right now. i know. kitten mittens.

okay, so, i like the idea of a second cumming. but i also like the idea that it would involve the destruction of many and most. people are fucking assholes. they’ve moved beyond predictive programming in a way, they just went straight for the light. like a cute little moth. but, the actual truth is, despite all conspiracies and things we can akashikally cover… we’ve already lost. we’ve been doing that for years. when i say years i meant it was practically neverenduuung story. though, this i feel, is what them assholes want us to say. fuck them. fuck aliens. you gotta understand the ‘spirits’ right next to you.this lightning bolt coven you speak of. zeus babies. fuck you. poseidon will crush you. however, they are like us, as above so below. you fake these enemies for us. but you can’t trick those who can see it. so. come at us. find us. quiet us. because this will continue because you are a disgusting fungal creature.

your white argument where you consider brother’s like gilgamesh, were white. i implore you to continue this proposition. i implore you to speak. do what thou wilt. haha. yeah politicos, actors, blah blah blah…….you are incrediby wrong about this hexigram. instead, you made yourself a being that would try to procreate with yourself. it sounds stupid, yes. but you really are stupid. let me ask you this. did they show you what the real world looks like

i suppose, after the things i hated to do, you were right. we can confront and destroy so much of the things that happen. they tell us this is a terrible thing, but what if, just what the fuck if, we were born here to fuck shit up? there are so many things i don’t believe in. but i feel irrationably strong about crushing it all. and i can. we all can. that’s where they send agents to tell us, it’s okay, it’s going to be okay… but it really is okay. who wants to be the human that defies what we think is the word of god. whoever the fuck that is. he could be you. he could be them. he could be me.


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