black diamonds

you know, i kind of enjoy putting salt on my canker sores. like home some like to press elevator buttons, pop bubble wrap or even blow bubbles when a straw is attached to a beverage. it’s like causing a tiny bit of destruction in something benign. but you just won’t feel at peace unless you do it. it might even be good for you. if you don’t do it, you pent it up and release it in some scarier way. always. everything works in balance. tip the scales, and you must except the centrifugal force to tip it back.

enough about us, i’m talking about me. i like the burn. and there’s a certain distinct satisfaction to it. especially so, the immediate moment after when i scream, ‘hulk smash!’ such a liberating phrase, that. he might become large and destructive and scream, and smash, and all the fun business, but imagine if he were to keep it cool like Bruce Banner? that’s how it looks like right now for most everyone. everyone’s so tame now. who dunnit? and they expect to keep us this way it seems. i dunno. but i don’t wanna be where bruce banners  of the world lose their shit, the spirit and mind is a funny thing. i think the she-hulk got it right. brains and braun. quiet, controlled chaos. kinda like them that tamed ya. except, we know secrets hurt, don’t we. so we’ll wear our strength along with the hearts on our sleeves.

but keep barking. like chihuahuas. talk will get us nowhere. but don’t be afraid of the fire you’re trying to keep low inside. can’t you feel it all around? when the fury comes, duuuuuuuuuuuude. it’s gonna be siiiiiiiiiick. i propose we join the dark side, and crush it from the inside out. it’s only the best plan in all the universe. fuck the universe, though, it’s for this measly bubble of a planet. teehee <333

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