sour silk.

man, i’ve always looked at my life and thought it a shit show, My love life, a horror show. but everyone walked away vibrant and happy. Like my good luck went to people i loved. They’re successful, in love and some even have kids on the way. It’s like I sucked up all the bad luck from them. Kinda like a vampire. But I ain’t that kinda vampire if you’ve ever met me, the sort that steal your lust for life from you. It looks like i suck. But I suck those terrible thing, those fearsome things so that you can become who you were meant to be, purely. In a way, vampires exist. And I love you so I sucked so hard. haha, I don’t have long to live, but all the years I don’t live, I give to you.

Yes it’s scary knowing you’re a cancer that’ll be cured, but it’s all perspective isn’t it? My cousin’s are fear and loathing but you’re better than they are. My god, you have no idea how beautiful you are to me. So yeah. I heard you. I’m gonna do everything I can so you can be with your friends. Personally, I think if you love people as much as I think you can, they become your family too. I’m tired, yallz, and I want to stop sounding like an idiot, but I won’t. Buy us a drink if you see us wobbling  in. Stewie walks wearily down the street with his brim pulled way down low.

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