born in the rockies

Madness. I want to show you my madness, my god do I want to show you my madness. You treat us like we’ve been shot in the head, give us pills to silence. From fear. From fear you panic and treat in a manner that silences the unknown. Am I diseased? Am I contagious? You don’t know. You believe the secular way is the only way. As much as you believe in science, you believe in nothing more. That… THAT inhibits you.

Science is a method of deduction, not a religion or a belief. A belief is something that cannot be questioned. Speculated upon, not questioned. A belief is bullet-proof. Who are you to say otherwise?  For anyone. Towards anyone. Against anyone. I don’t know. And I know, as an absolute fact, you don’t know. If I had known then what I knew now. If I had known then what I know now. Of course, prevalence lies not with that statement, as I know for a fact, you’ve said it to yourselves before, -it lies with the fact it’s true. What is truth? It is a constant evolution. An example, you want? Ok. “if I’d known what I know now, is the only question our feeble human history can never stop asking itself. Try it. I’m going to have a cigarette while you try to prove me wrong. My cigarette takes 7 minutes, but you’ll have given up no more than 25 seconds in.

My god, do I want to show you my madness. If you think a little bit, you’ll see I’m not mad. But they gave me pills. They told me to stop listening to them. To be like everyone else. To shut up and do. To drink at bars. To smoke weed and pretend nobody knows. To join the chorus line. So evil, them voices. If you ask for courage, do you believe it’ll be given to you? Nah. Too easy. If it were me, I’d give you a situation to show me you have courage. It’ll be tough. Arduous. All the like. And in the end, you’ll laugh about it because you had no idea it was in you all along. You’ll start seeing things differently, the same things, but differently. Anything you want, was in you all along. But they shut you up. My god, do I want to show you my madness.

Know that I know what I know, I know that I could never show you. This is something you must learn yourself. You think yourself so mute that you’re invisible. But when help comes, in all shapes, sizes and forms you’re too suspicious and think yourself into oblivion. Sounds cool and dark, right? Well, that’s where that stays. The warmth and the light, let’s just say ya gotta learn how to start a fire. You have no idea how much I want to show you my madness.



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