we created devils in our image

Show me someone that’s trying to make it in this world and tell me they’re not fighting a war. Half of us dance with depression and that’s just the half that knows they are. You’d have to be purposely blind if your heart doesn’t ache just a bit at the state of our world. We’re fighting different battles in the same war for the same goal. The hungry and homeless are on the frontlines, getting slaughtered by invisible enemies. They’re invisible because we gave them that power. When these brothers and sisters die from silly things like hunger and cold and we only bat our eyes, we’ve done worse than pull the trigger, we’ve left the bodies of our siblings in the field for buzzards.

These new-agers preach of unity, peace and respect and it’s noble. But less than half eat their sermons. The rest truly want this unity, I believe that, but in this age of increasing spinelessness and praisemonging, they are just a new class of soldiers awaiting orders.

And if you don’t believe the fight for unity, peace and respect isn’t a war, then prepare to live for nothing, while the last of us are prepared to brave this world and die for everything.

I don’t believe the hippies are right, not yet. They sing about the end of the war that just ain’t here yet. You have to be a fighter to become a lover, not one or the other. Lose sight of that and you’re plain blind, lazy and self-entitled. Love is heavier than they say. Love is light only if you carry it with a heavy heart. Otherwise, you’re just an asshole carrying a flag. Don’t be an asshole.

Call me crazy if you want, but I had to lose my mind to hear these words in my head.


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