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i’ll admit i have schizophrenia, and our friends treat us with care and love and acceptance… like we’ve been shot in the face and survived. it’s kinda nice at first, but then we really take advantage of it. admit we also have massive depression that accompanies the misunderstanding of such, and we get nurtured and tolerated, too. and then we realize how we’re all connected by a community of love. that it DOES take a village and that… oh shit… he’s outta 1st person. catchin’ on. quick, log outta his facebo… *giggles and cackles in the distance* and i wake up disoriented. i have to apologize for things I’ve said. Sometimes I have to apologize for things I’ve done. I have to convince you all that I’m a good person despite all my words and actions. and you have NO idea… NO idea how taxing that is on someone. on Anyone. So next time you laugh at a someone talking to themselves, understand that they are not alone, but surround by people just as real as you and you and you. however, only this person can communicate with them.


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