baby foxes in the snow

There’s this theory going around that the world is a simulation. That is is absolutely possible to break everything down to code. That what we see and everything we experience is contained within a finite set of parameters. How cool is that? Time is an illusion, pain is a perception, and as adept as we are in science in this day and age, it still can’t answer why a bicycle stays upright. Perhaps the answer to Fermi’s Complex is the first question. This could be a giant playground or even a stage or even a major theatrical production for spooky aliens?!

I know i don’t know the answers, but i do know that whatever your beliefs are, this life is the life for playing. It isn’t about questioning things, it’s about wondering. Wondering is fucking great! And it treads on no one else’s beliefs! There are things about life you can never learn in school, so spare us.

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