walking on sunshine, whoa-whoa whooooa

The importance of anyone’s opinion is only self-generated. Mine too. Mine especially, maybe. In the last few months, I read all the volumes of the correspondences and books of Laura Knight Jadczyk with these entities called the Cassiopaeans. She and her books are considered loony and ridiculous by some and I, at one point in time, would have agreed with her critics. Though, I can’t say that I agree with all of her material, i.e. most of the seemingly leading opinions, I can say that I agree with much of it. Mainly what some of what these Cassiopaeans are saying. She channels them through a Ouija board. If you’ve ever used one for real, you understand when I say that Ouija boards are a sort of anomaly. I have one. I’ve used it. I’ve talked to some strange fuckers. If it’s true what they say about it being some sort of medium for our subconscious, then I’d have an incredibly wise subconscious. And I would have hidden access to a vocabulary beyond the meager grasp I do have. In the end, what these entities known as the Cassiopaeans have taught mainly in terms of philosophy, have only, at best reiterated and confirmed what I have already speculated. After all, they are “us” in the future.

But moving back to what I said about our opinions being pointless, it’s true. We’re so distracted and engulfed by things that mean nothing that we don’t even notice the world is in flames. Who’s right, who’s wrong, what’s in the twitter feed and who’s got the latest vines or whatever-the-fuck, the room’s on fire and you’re fixing your hair. But then again, there are those new age assholes that are talking about being one with everything, and the power to change the world is in your mind and all that crap. You’d think something would’ve changed by now if one of them believed enough, but here we still are, taking pictures of our food and cats, and have boyfriend/girlfriend problems. Maybe I’m just cynical because I don’t care if I die. (just bought a motorcycle and don’t know how to ride it.) “The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” said some old clever bastard once.

If everyone was meant to enjoy life, then they were meant to enjoy death as well. One without the other is like sucking down booze without getting the buzz. You leave this place when you’re supposed to leave this place, everything is a lesson to someone. Try naming one problem that didn’t germinate within in your own mind.

I had a vision the other night. It was an old cruddy office. Like my office. Papers everything, things pinned up on boards, a half empty water cooler that would bubble every few hours. In the back was the shadow of a hand pointing up at a calender that said Nov. 28. I don’t know what that means, but the night I had that vision, I asked my subconscious to show me something awesome. Maybe it meant comet Ison, which was scheduled for a flyby on that date? I’ve never heard of this guy, but I hear He’ll be spectacular.

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