James 4:14

You guys sure know how to use a whole lotta words to say nothing. Put on the cooking pot, put it on and put water into it. People create stories create people,  or was it stories create people create stories? Just because the churches don’t know how to use an allegorical book doesn’t mean no one else does. Even the dead know this.

What some of you do is try to make sense of things you don’t understand. Nothing wrong with that, it’s natural. But the good book does that too. I’m not a big fan of religion myself, but I can’t deny good philosophy, wherever it may arise. I’ve talked to angels and I’ve talked to devils, masters and lesser beings, and what they had in common in saying was, “this thing called life, it’s yours.” Sure it may stink once in a while, but other times it’s not. But everything’s connected in some strange way, and coincidences is what we attribute syncronicities to. But all in all, this is your only chance to love your lives. And we’re lucky because we got a glimpse of it, you awakened kids. The magik.

So go on and tell your little stories and observations. Keep hamming them up into essays for your strange reasons. But these stories, they’re ours, baby. The highest sophistication comes in simplicity.


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