3-ten ridaz

People like me were born too late within the timeline of humanity, or perhaps we were born too late. But one thing I know for certain is that I’ve never felt like I belonged here, now.

I recently read up on this project blue beam silliness then determined it wasn’t too silly after all. If you have ears to listen and eyes to see, it’ll be apparent. But if you convince yourself of the ideals of the old days are still viable, or you think everything will work itself out with enough hard work… well I don’t want to be the bloke that bursts your bubble, though I’m confident it’ll burst on it’s own. I’m not one of those survivalist nuts or conspiracy theorists, in fact, I believe we are due some change. Those unmentionable elites have run things for at least 350 years, which I think is commendable, however the thing I can’t agree with them on is their deciding to keep the stupid, intellectually repressed semi-morons from death. Well, they’ve got it backwards, obviously, but I suppose there is some sense in keeping semi-morons around because manipulation would seem like less of a chore.

The thing with conspiracy theorists and survivalists are that they’re on the same wavelength but have terrible timing. It’s funny. But as quick as they are, they would be the first of society to exhibit barbarisms when shit hits the fan. Those New Agers, are complete morons and focus only on the Yin instead of equally viewing Yang as well. They’ll have a sunny disposition in the firing lines, as passive as they are. Well, just where the fuck do I fit in?

I’m a magician. Not the, ‘pick a card, any card’ sort, but, I do know some of those tricks. Unintentionally, I fell into it, I guess. There’s nothing here that scares me, and nothing left here that keeps me afraid of dying. Maybe it’s confidence, or maybe it’s a general disregard of fear. What if Blue Beam implements the anti-christ as the new messiah, though? Bahaha. They can’t. Because they don’t know who it is, yet. They’re trying to pin the title on someone else to fit the indoctrinary bill, but please. The AC isn’t what most people think it is either. They think horns and goat legs or some stupid shit some medieval writers wrote. So easy to scare, you all.

Get off your horses, man.

Anyway, when I make quesadillas, I always prefer flour over corn. It’s not great for my figure, but it tastes so much better than corn. It took me a while before I learned using shredded cheese was much better than the square-packed american cheese. Stupid Kraft.


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