fairer love

Once, I faced a coyote with only a meter between us. I didn’t wince nor was I afraid. Another time, I saw a mountain lion maul a friend’s chihuahua, but I wasn’t afraid. The only thing I was afraid of was to have my friend catch me hold back my laughter. I never think of chihuahuas as dogs. There was one time I was on the freeway in a mate’s car, thoughtlessly looking at a man in an SUV before he crashed head on into a stalled car in the far lane, ending in an 8-car pile up. Nothing. I found another driver to look at. I had a knife pulled on me once, and enforced how much I still wasn’t wrong about something stupid. There was a guy along with his gun who thought I was someone else at some dark, dingy dive bar. My voice almost trembled at that one. I’ve seen some frightening things but nothing compares to a woman’s love. The daintiest bottoms I know can’t reach the terrifying level of fury a woman can, and they know a thing or two about getting into character. In the end, only a woman has this angelic potential that her lover can’t reach, can’t assume. But it can be touched. Delicately. However, she also has the potential to become a demon to the lover if the lover falls from her favor. She can do all of this without knowing she is doing anything. That’s what scares me at night.

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