the way of two swords

Men that go about praising them and teaching others to do the same believe they’re doing it for the sake of their bodies, minds, spirits, or souls. However, this is an obstruction to the truth behind the gods teachings to begin with, and can only have become a bad influence thenceforth as long as they preach in the style and mannerisms that they do, layering interpretations upon ideas gluttonously until the original teaching becomes diluted. So the only true way to honor the gods must be to become decadent to the end. It’s better to burn out, than fade away. Respect the gods by not expecting them to intervene.

In my tales of summae in the city posts, I intended on posting the remaining few parts to conclude the story, but I’ve decided to keep those in my journal. I guess I realized that some writings can remain un-digitized. It really wasn’t for anyone else because the events that happened were to be witnessed only by myself. There’s no way I can capture the allure of it all into a fraction of literary dribble. I wanted to try, though. To enrapture the reader into a world of fiction and having them believe, even if for a moment, it was real. And I will, just not with this. This is mine. Just because a swordsman looks fancy swinging a blade doesn’t necessarily mean he knows how to win duels. The same goes for writing. Shame though, cause I really wanted to get to the part about evil clones, robots, Europa’s alien space base which is actually a command outpost and the mysteries of the human body and the electrical anomalies the bodies experience, because we’re actually androids programmed with biometric intelligence, the secrets of the mystery schools and And aNd the cool shit we can do once we’ve figure it out!! ARGH! FUCK! Alright, alright. Digress, H.

I dunno, I guess I’m saying goodbye to this blog. It’s helped remind me of why I was born here, or some hippie new age shit like that. Which, by the way, hippie new age shit sounds great on paper, but it’ll never happen. Not that I’m pessimistic on their outlook, I like it, but passivity, and pacifism will never slay the hydra. That’s what they’re up against but they’re too lost in rainbows, stars and fucking unicorns to see themselves at the foot of a hydra. I don’t need to remind you how it’s killed, do I? Anyway, who’d have guessed that I was right all those years ago when someone asked me, “what are you doing here?” and I answered,

“Well, hi. My name’s Jess and I’m here to fuck shit up.”

(I might have asked where the keg was, too.)


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