Tales of Summae in the City I: Treaty of Tartarus

What if the human body was already the most advanced android apparatus ever created. science has now figured out a way to store data in liquid. There’s data in our DNA. Humanity is connected in an elaborate communications apparatus. Like floppy discs are to horseback messengers as the internet is to the human mind. Once a thought is conceived, it’s out in the ether of consciousness by which another person can seemingly pull it out of thin air. like that experiment with the crossword puzzle where they had one team of subjects solve it a week in advance and having a second team of subjects solve it in half the time. How fantastic is it that we’re all connected by an inexhaustible source of consciousness, like there’s a preeminent source of infinite wifi in one’s little 3 pound universe of a brain.

I’m not exactly sure what it is I’ve done. I felt this absolute certainty yesterday. I suppose most free-thinkers feel that way everyday. Nevertheless, my mind took me somewhere different today; again, that’s probably what free-thinkers feel everyday. I think I’ve been marked by the Three Fates through multiple spider bites on my left arm. Three by my count and in the pattern that outlines a perfect equilateral triangle. Petrarch had that. The string of his life was cut and that was what the coroner’s report said. Chastity, Love, Time, and ultimately eternity. I wonder if these things will befall me. Though I’d have preferred to leave an altruistic mark or some legacy of sorts behind, the triangular invasion of Ariadne spread this sense of urgency through my veins. Well, the convenience of it’s timing played a large role in it. What I thought was going to be my destiny soon became mere abortive dreams.

There are so many mysteries in scriptures all around the world that I find myself enveloped within them.

There’s a part of me that feels akin to some of the characters particularly, Noah before a metaphoric flood, Odysseus in his trials before the homecoming, and even Samson to serve his sentence with the phillistines. Perhaps I’ve read too far into them but I know the story of the Three Fates predates most of these stories. Even Barbelo beyond that. Despite that, things have become stranger by the hours. Strange to the point of paranormality. Something is speaking to me, yet more fluidly than any music I’ve ever heard. Am I losing my mind, or is my mind readjusting it’s antenna to something else. Something that has been there for quite some time. Is eternity an end like it was for Petrarch or was it a calling to be awaken? And if I really was losing my mind, then why is it that I’m unraveling inherent information that I couldn’t have possibly been privy to.


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