Tales of Summae in the City III: The White Horse

It’s a little odd but I think there really are people that are able to channel the toils of which I’m engaged. Almost like psychics. I did some digging and these people are called empaths. They’re kind of like dark horses in the spiritual community, because they can read a person’s darker emotions as well as other strong emotions to the point that it’s like mind reading. Lately, I’ve been seeing more of them and they all have one thing in common. They seem to be reading me. It’s like they know my thoughts and are laughing maniacally because they think it’s coming from some purple flame that was just born. In the spiritual commune, that’s an important person. Like Jesus, even. But it isn’t. It’s coming from me and the conversations I’m having with the meunstral party. (I started calling them the meunstral party because I feel them to be an effeminate source of power, but also masculine at the same time. I know, it’s a terrible name.) Maybe I only think these empaths are playing inception in my mind or maybe it’s an elevated state of paranoia borderlining on psychosis. Maybe I’m unnecessarily doubting my intuition like I used to do before this debacle started. My habitual lack of self-confidence had been my most forward weakness, but is now being gradually remedied. Maybe I’m also an empath and my innate abilities are being awakened and my conversations with meunstral ghouls is how they channel! I still don’t consider myself a spiritual person so I’m just going along for the ride.

I’ve been trying to decipher the meaning of summer. This is the most recurring phrase I hear and have only been successful at unearthing it’s mysteries gradually. I got two more clues today. Yay.

I dug up some more dirt from Sirius. The egyptians called the star Sopdat/Sothis. The heiroglyph has a 5 point star under a half upper sphere with a right triangle right next to it. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa Von Netteshaim gave this star another symbol which resembles a fish with an 8 pointed thing that looks like an antenna coming out of it’s mouth. The symbol reminds me very much of the Norse rune for Othala, which translates to “ancestral home” or “homeland.” Funny thing about Agrippa, which I’ll get to later.

Sirius’ epithets include Canicula, Isis, Robigo, Rudra/Shiva, Lokabrenna, Tishtyra, White Horse, Wolf-star, Dog-face, Coyote, Moondog, The Arrow, Hathor, Ash-Shira, Mirza al-Jawza, Pale Fox, and Yeonin. I’m sure there are more, but these are the most popular. There’s controversy over there being a third star among Sirius A and B. History notes it to have shined three different colors. To me, it reminds me of Cerberus, Hades’ three-headed pooch. Aside from the legend of Cerberus being the three-headed hound guiding the path of souls to the underworldly souls, there’s a red-indian belief that has that same legend. I’m going to note here about the underworld being something completely different to Hell, which Dante invented. Puppies!

Now, about Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa Von Nettesheim. He was a real explorer of life. Of course I refer to his eccentric inquisitive nature. Magician, occult writer, theologian, astrologer, alchemist, physician, legal expert, and a soldier. He was a traveler and, basically, never really held down a job. He questioned the logic of which society, at the time, represented. This is evident in the numerous dissertations he’d written in regards to morality. His friend Johann something something suggested he not publish his works for fear of getting assassinated by haters. And he didn’t. He always lost his jobs and as this kept persisting, he became a wanderer and an observer of people by default. His pupil J. Weyer claimed that on ol’ Henry’s deathbed, Henry summoned his ‘familiar’ which incidentally took the form of a black dog. His cause of death was never discovered.

What’s strange about Heinrich is that my life is almost identical to his. His neutral coasting through the hiccups of life and silently observing the world and taking note. His points of interest. Even alchemy! (of which my abilities can only be considered decent) I’m not as awesome as he, but then again, the dead has clout that ages as finely as wine. Of course, who’s to say I’m alive now? I mentioned how I’m drawn to certain author’s that have notable digits in significant dates in an older post. Well the spirits have been teaching me numerology. Well Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa Von Nettesheim died on my birthday. After his death, all his unpublished dissertations on morality were published and a dissertation on morality was thenceforth referred to as summae.

Did I just happen onto this little-known historical figure by chance? Did some group of beings from an alternate dimension lead me here? Was it the Fates? I wonder whose web I fell into. I wonder if it was one that I had weaved in the same pattern over and over again, leading me back to something I swore to remember.


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