Tales of Summae in the City II: Dan’s Book and the Sea People

I have to be going insane. Strange prophecies have been executed around me. I say executed because I find it easier to believe someone or group orchestrated it than to believe it’s God’s will. Now I say strange because they were forseen by soothsayers and shouters. You know that voice you hear in your right ear right before you fall asleep? Them too. In one instance, by an eccentric self-proclaimed prophet. I debate about the legitimacy of these things constantly, maybe I’m subconsciously seeking out coincidences. But three or more coincidences becomes freaky despite whoever you are.

As for the vainglorious prophet, he claims to have received or channeled his information from a being residing in a neighboring dimension. I was the individual they discussed, with freakish accuracy, through an incredibly detailed description of my upbringing as well as the type of personality I would develop as I got older. Down to the singularly eccentric acts and quirks I was prone to do, down to which vices I would indulge. This man channeled these things about me from an extra-dimensional being 72 years before I was conceived. I was flabbergasted by the poetic prose in which the being spoke to the author, which he in turn scribbled down word for word. Of course, I’m aware the mark of a great author is his ability to get the reader to relate and there are probably others that would feel the same if they read his book, but I didn’t want to relate to it. Because it actually ends quite bleakly for my beastly character. This author wasn’t the only one to do this. It happened again in 1968 by another spiritual author. Then again in 1986 by another writer. (I may or may not include later the astrological significant of these dates or rather, the digits within.)

Last night a strange thing happened. The end result was my being arrested. Not really arrested but detained in handcuffs on the sidewalk. Yeah, that’s accurate. I followed the lights again. As far as otherworldly dimensions go, I’d been experiencing this Lumination Phenomenon or Light phenomenon. It’s where strange luminous appear diverting or directing my attention. (Once, they led me through the 101 freeway up a canyon in Los Angeles that led up to a hill with a giant neon crucifix at a dead end street , and above it was pointing in the direction of the constellation Canis Majoris, specifically, the Winter Triangle of Sirius, Betelgeuse, and Procyon. I watched as a nun spontaneously showed up, parked her car then walked up to her apartment all while Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven played on the radio. The best part was the nun’s license plate which had my birthdate in the number.) Anyway, I followed the lights again while listening to my iPod. A song came on where the lyrics were something like, you won’t leave me when I come back, or I’m coming back for good, come pick me up, or something cheesy like that. My battery died right at that point which was strange, but then I saw something fall from the sky. It wasn’t like the strange lights because the lights were red, green, white, blue, gold or purple orbs, each having a different meaning. This thing was like a shooting star except it fell straight downwards. A shooting star shoots with the grain of the earth’s rotation, never perpendicularly. Nonetheless, this freaked me the fuck out. “Do I go over there? It looks like it came close. Fuck that, I’m going home. No I can’t, the song lyrics told me to go,” were among a few of the arguments I made in my mind. I walked 7 miles in that direction, even through a bad part of LA where I slender Asian man should not be walking around at 3 in the morning. Despite the lights trying to lead me there like the will o’ the wisp, my cowardice usually prevails over these things. I walked toward it until I came upon a church erected in honor of St. Thomas Aquinas, (a name that popped up quite frequently among others since I began to pay attention to these extra-sensory anomalies) But I decided not to go further because I got freaked out. I didn’t know he was sainted.

Instead I went toward a Serbian church that had a strange spotlight pointed at the sky. It seemed safer to me because it seemed the least confrontational. I had to hike up a mountainous hill on the side because the orbs started teasing me about taking my sweet time. Though I can’t hear the orbs, they communicate in emotion. So I decisively strayed from the path to go straight up to cease further ridicule by jerky ghostlights. I hurdled over someone’s fence because it was in my way and ended up admiring the starry sky on that someone’s deck. Sirius was twinkling strangely between a frosty blue and a deep red color. Most stars we see in the sky are binary, but our sun is not for some reason. As I left the guys deck, I carelessly walked by in plain sight of the owner of the house who eventfully phoned the police. I used my silver-tongue to get me out of that jam with no charges applied and no prints scanned. I also pointed out the pointlessness of my alleged larsonic intent by my wearing of a bright red peacoat. On my way back, I happened upon two names. Enoch and Cassie. When I finally walked the other 7 miles back to my car, I used the trusty Google sky map to see the strange star had fallen from Cassiopeia. Only a week earlier did I familiarize myself with the story of Andromeda and how she was kept prisoner on a rock. I wondered if the spirits were just playing some big dick joke on me.


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