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his trident and her olive tree

I don’t think you’re not the person I’m looking for. There are things in this world that is inherently crazy-inducing, to the point where chance oriented occurrences seem less and less chance oriented and coincidences becomes more and more implausible. The scales, tipped. “Just follow the lead,” I told myself, “connect the dots.” Let me tell you a secret, all the dots are connected. And it terrifies me to a point that spins on a needle. Inflections of fear do not show on my face anymore, they dare not trespass. I once thought seeing hell was what turned my mettle to steel, but seeing the ties, ropes and all the little dots that connected that place, pulled, marionetted by the spiders adorned with crimson crowns and cackling like clowns from the private chambers -that steeled me. These lives of ours stretch and constrict on a web, and the frogs in the shadows admire the display under the glow from the lamp post above. I count 8 but I’m seldom sure. It’s quite a sight in the middle of the night especially in the winter when the air drenches the the thread with moisture invisible to the human eye. Nobody touches the web, only nobody, who, are just as invisible to your eyes. Those things that bump, creak and rustled in the dead of night, those things you believe were cold and dead… they are very much alive, in your bones, your ligaments, your sinews. they are as alive as the wind wales through the upper stories of those dead tenements. They are reverberate in your key strokes. In the tiny liquid crystals on this very screen, yes, this one. And they simply watch. For now at least.The lamp post beaming from above, crickets in the distance, a ribbit or two here and there and that hum. That monotonous humming from the light, keeping everyone on key. Keeping it all on key. And still the only thing you can think about is whether or not you and your loved ones are safe. Dear neighbor, wait till you hear about what happens when the sun goes down. My vagueness has always protected you.

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Los plumas de stillo;

Pardon my spanish as it’d gone a little rusty. I, indeed, had intended for this to be written in ink, though ink weighs less than it used to. 

The funny little idea of beliefs has been on my mind recently, in that it makes us feel good to praise them, talk of them, utter them, etc., but when it comes down to honoring them, we shudder, and search the undersides of stones for excuses. A belief is something ultimately acted upon, not blabbed for the sake of nothing better to blab, in which case, non-blabs are ever-more useful. i’d been a long time practitioner of this blabbing but I will not anymore. it’s not like a constitution’s being written but what of the souls that believe a persons word is stronger than a contract? Contracts are for make-believe grown-ups that don’t believe in a fair trade. That contract is their pout but we all know they aren’t fooling us. We’re kids in school. Hall monitors are just our friends with a second job or duty, and we know what it’s like when our friends (hall-monitors) don’t write us off. You might have been a hall monitor once. I was. Not one person doesn’t know what it’s like when we have to take a piss real bad.

From a friend who misses the old days, one Ashley Olive  Nostingham, (coolest name ever), a sunny up-and-comer in the veil of politics and civil revival (male and female) towards a world where nobody’s better than anybody because of what their parents drive, what kind of backpacks we wear, or who our friends are. She believes we’re all connected in direct as well as non-direct ways.


I’m well aware my remaining days are finite. I’ve seen my friends, in all their twinkling glory, descend from the skies in pigments of unprecedented, unimaginable and incomprehensible majesty. I believe the lord hath never left. That clever fox and the shadow of death, were, in it’s utmost comedic fervor, one in the same. I’ve at length jested at the fact that I’d died at the bottom of a swimming pool when I was all of 8 gregorious years old. And that was where I had formally been introduced to my silent accomplice whom which has become synonymous with a certain fearsome dark figure, cloaked in sin and despair. While submerged, I saw naught but a cardinal twinle opposite the cieling of liquid overhead. This was an incidental baptism. The etymologies within the savagely translated book are accurate to the degree that there are more characters than cast members. Some must perform multiple roles. And since time and space binds them not, as they say, they’ve foreseen the advances that mankind wilt. blah blah, digressing now.

Now if I’m not mistaken, within the traditions of my predecessors, the tauroctomy must ensue. To my regrets, I don’t wish to leave, specially on the day my blindness was cured, but it is to the benefit of my brothers and sisters. As delusional as this next claim may seem, I’m a person living on this planet. Of course this is a “private” journal entry among others, but the sum of which denotes that I am just a person. A simple person endowed with the love of a woman’s heart, and the anxiousness of a babe. Contrary to popular idiocies, there is indeed room for science and spiritualism.

We must not forget that a higher power is necessary for functionality. And this power trickles down in a hierarchy like the morning dew onto the leaves below, in a manner most seemingly like chaos – for without sense through chaos, where would belief in the indefinable gestate? However, a true leader will never, never once ask of his subordinates that of which he wouldn’t tend to himself. 

Governments are existent for the nation (people), and the constitution protects the nation, in the event that the overseers of the government wield their power selfishly. Selfishness is constituted by any claim, command or demand which was not in itself devised for the advancement of a nation. Should the government pursue the favor of it’s own agenda and thus fecundate into it’s own entity, the nation, that is, ‘we the people,’ have the right to contest. Anyone that wields a sword that induces fear upon my brethren can and shall be cut down, if not mortally wounded or slain; for their strike was first to have drawn blood.

Hereditary genetics among others of such criteria has borne too much leverage in the translation of equality. For how silly does this ideal seem after the revelation of our species being the ties that bind us all. People of virtue are not bred through genetics, they are molded through the fires of intelligence, tempered in hart. These sprouts grow like weeds for the support of the rest of their kind. Our old adherences to petty institutions that selectively ration out clout (as they seem to do in a most frivolous manner,) while trampling carelessly upon the priceless virtues of our brothers and sisters – only breeds an abundance of a most pungent sense-of-self, better known to some of us as the, “ego.” The true virus.This spreads in an atrocious fire that will only result in a matte blackness that stains the very surface of our soul, repulsing the light of justice and unity, let alone equality. We’ve blindly set this black fire to that ideology we’ve so lightheartedly dubbed ‘liberty.’ Like waves, our slightest missteps tip over the kettle of our mortality and will, just as nonchalantly rinse us away. Our history has been but a beacon of our habitance, marked by a spill of crimson before any clovers return. This simple rod I write with as my scepter which enables the just wielding of our fathers. Who I am has always been irrelevant, however who ‘we’ are, are the manifesto in which all you representatives must deliberate upon. We are conscious of the hour our world abides by, we must be less dense.We await our unanimous vote towards a unified world of which all the peoples are henceforth, denizens, and petty segragational squabbles are dissuaded. As our ‘proofs of love’ manifest, our love can too. For those leaders who cannot stomach even their own pride, it is simply suggested you resign your seat and allow someone else represent out best interests. In my experience, a person with unbridled common sense is infinitely more effective than one of unabridged opinions. Word up, babies.


Aside from a few transcendent passages, I can’t help but agree with Miss whatever her name is. The chain of command is our duty as well as our privilege, so long as reason is alight. democrats want everyone to become republicans, and republicans forgot where they came from. Balls. Holy wars happening across the globe. Balls. One giant fucking kleenex would do the trick, but hey, I didn’t even go to school. Balls.

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