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It’s 12:21 on the 22 of the 10th month. Yesterday was the 21st day of the 10th month in the year 2012. Yesterday, on the southern California coast, an gloomy overcast dominated the atmosphere. I don’t think it matters where you are when an overcast dominates the skies because you’re either in the gray of the day or in florescent lights of a shack of sorts. They’re about the same in terms of luminescence. Maybe it’s the mercury.

But yesterday was so terribly gray that even the leaves on all the flora seemed to be debating whether or not retaining their greenish hue was worth the effort. Today, at 12:21p.m. The light of the sun ricocheted off every reflective surface, through to my corneas before I was even able to seize a step out the door. I had to squint today. Squint! I had to self-motivate, yesterday. That’s quite a jump. Those acts aren’t even on the same plane, though they still had my best interest in common. I have to motivate myselfon gloomy days because the world looks devoid of beauty; of life. I have to squint on sunny days because life can be blinding. That’s ‘blinding’, with an ”L”.

What gets my goat is the notion of our best interest when it comes to matters of light and night. Or shadows and reflections. Or better yet, who was the dildo that dictated what our best interests actually were? That jerkoff got my goat.


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