Breaking the first heart

while your heart is breaking, and you think, no… feel it’s the end of the world, then let it break. let your heart shatter into splinters and shrapnel, and KNOW that your heart is going to shatter like glass. It’s just gonna happen. You must allow that to happen. Until your heart is finally burnt to a crisp, shattered into sooty powder; until you can’t even hold up a piece of a shard that was your heart. Most people in this situation, go through this. but almost all, hold onto a shard of their heart that was shattered, believing that it could fixed again from that piece. You learn the difference between hanging onto the feeling that was and embracing the feeling feeling that’s left. the phoenix that is your heart ignites once again, the cocoon of your sorrow splits open; because you’ll see that the world didn’t begin and end with anyone else but you. You learn to love again. And the first person you learn to love again, is you. that’s when you remember that you couldn’t possibly have loved anybody else unless you’d loved yourself first. And that means your entire world began and ended with you. The thing is, a shattered heart cannot reflect the wonderful feeling back to us anymore as if it were still in one piece, a shattered heart can reflect nothing.


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