Simple in the moonlight.

There’s nothing left to fear. No fear left unconquered. Even death has no merit on that. Most people love in fear of the loneliness. That isn’t real love. Real love cannot be spoken of. It can barely be sung about. This is because it is profound and overwhelming. When one realizes we’re connected to the universe, it can be nothing short of overpowering. And there’s no turning back once you’ve seen the light in this body. There’s a spark that’ll catch and burn bright if you can brave the black fire. Let it burn the muck off the knows of this carbon cage. Death and dead poets are here among the breathing. But breathing has begun to feel synonymous with suffering. Time is linear to this body, but time is infinite with the mind. We had our chance to open our eyes, but we instead plugged our ears. When they come, what but love could you have left behind? As if life isn’t ironic enough, the truth lies just beyond the dark side.

C’mon, Luke, who’s your daddy? Conquer the notions you had of the dark and remember who we used to be. You’ve known us. You’ve always known us, simple man.


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