Taste of Mnemosene

I had a strange dream last night. In fact, I’ve been having strange dreams all week. I’ve been trying real hard to access theta state but I have a hard time meditating because my inner thoughts insist on interrupting me. However, they do make sense nearly all the time.

I’ve been getting whispered to right before I fall asleep. I think my guide, G is trying hard to let me hear her voice. I also had a dream she was in though her face wasn’t clearly pictured. But I remember feeling as if I’d know her a long time, we were best friends and strangers simultaneously. She was like the female version of myself, and at the end of the dream as I was being forced awake, she said, “you really don’t remember me do you, you big goof.”

Anyway, about last night’s dream, I think it may apply to some of you. It felt like I was remembering something that happened. I had just gotten a job it seemed and I was waiting in a white room like an office building of some sort. I was meeting my other coworkers. They all looked strange, they wore different period costumes and I was in modern clothes, I.e. t-shirt, jeans. There was also a little person talking to me, he was in the attire of a 6th century peasant. There was another man in 15th century fop attire with long hair and a mustache, sort of like Captain Hook. There was also a woman with an Amelie haircut wearing armor. There was also a two year old child either a boy or a girl but had very long brown hair. Lastly, there was a dancing cat. It was dancing like an Egyptian and doing cartwheels and everyone was laughing. The cat wasn’t an ordinary cat, it seemed to know what it was doing. These coworkers, cat included, felt like old, good friends of mine. (Strange, but I’m not usually a cat person.)

We were all just waiting for something, I couldn’t remember what. What I did remember was a short conversation I was having with the little person;

“So, when d’you start?” He asked. “let’s see, I started on the 4th.” I replied. Then the little man counted on his fingers from 4 to some number I couldn’t remember. “wow, you’re really new then. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.”

Then one by one, the others jumped into a hole in the floor where a splash can be heard. They had this glee in their demeanor as though they were doing a cannonball into a pool. I decided to take the stairs outside. I ran into a woman wearing a black Muslim headress or a babushka and a veil across her face. She had blue eyes. I knew her. She asked me where I was going and I replied, ‘this way.’ Then she said simply, ‘alright, I’ll come with you.’

When I woke up, my first instinct was to look up the 4th day of the Christian creationist myths. I’ve never read scripture before so it seemed strange I would subconsciously dream it then consciously feel compelled to look it up at 5 in the morning. It says god created the stars, the sun and the moon on the fourth day. This was a bit significant to me because I was more skeptical about calling us starchildren than I’d like to admit. The sun and moon I pay reverence to, but star children sounded cheesy. But I suppose that was the confirmation I needed.

Your adherence to impossibilities will murder your possibilities. Your can’ts will kill your ables. Your Cains will kill your Abels.

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