I wish I was a housewife trying to gain your trust.

We ‘love’ in life, do we not? (As far as stupid rhetorical questions go, that should leaf the day.) I’m a firm believer of the ‘love at first sight,’ proclamation myself. However, I don’t believe in the statement of ‘soulmates’ or ‘love of or lives.’ Surely some of us are doomed to catch such an illness, but by no means is it to be a terminal ailment. There are great loves (plural) of our lives and there are soulmates as numerous as the crew of a sailing vessel.

I’m not advocating polygamy or anything of the sort, despite us all really being just animals, but or souls resonate to other souls we run into, which confuses us before it confounds. I rather find it to be a tough argument to dictate the consorts of or spirit. Even the most secular persons have brandished the word, soul, with conviction, thereby negating atheistic claims. (atheist work in absolution so there it’s no room for them to rebuke.)

When one soul is finished with another, is the only thing I find more agonizing than farewells from friendlier faces.

I’m moments away from having my soul bid farewell to another of whom it has loved. But he is not in tune with his soul, so he will never reap his reward. whatever the debt we owed each other had been paid, but he will have to pay again in his next life because his conscience is far too juvenile to grant him an adept comprehension. We met people as such in life, fated only to live the basest of our worldly treasures. but why go on pleasing those who will never be pleased? We’ve much more to do than to wallow over these.


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