Spin on a needle

‘I’m sorry.’
‘whatever for?’
‘wool, you seem a tad afflicted with the impression that you’ve purchased my freedom.’
‘what are you babbling about? You owe me money, therefore, must do what I say.’
‘on the contrary, my fellow flunky. For reasons of which I am monetarily indebted to you, have no grounds on which I must do what I ought.’
‘what the fuck do you mean? You owe me!’
‘I’m not refuting that bit of fact, I’m merely saying that my freedom was not mine, and hadn’t been if my property for you to purchase. I’m ever so grateful that you’d lent me your assistance in my time of need.’
‘then we’re in agreement, you have to do what I tell you.’
‘again, I must clarify your presumption with the fact that I do not. I merely owe you money you’d lent me. You have the right to collect interest of course, however, and I must state this with absolute, my freedom us not what I owe you.’
‘I don’t get it.’
‘…and I gathered as much through your continued miscalculation of my debt. My freedom belongs to another party.’
‘you’re throwing a party now?’
‘no, I am indulging in the social restorations through the tossing if any parties, I meant my freedom was purchased by someone who is not you.’
‘who then?’
‘one does not freely divulge ones clients so forwardly.’
‘so you’re saying you owe me money, but you won’t do shit I ask you to?’
‘your money was exclusively for the upkeep if my sustenance, which dually impacts the sustenance of your own accord. However, my freedom was not purchased with currency.’
‘Then who owns you?’
‘I am not am object of which to be owned.’
‘fine… Who doth you owe thine ass-eth to, then.’
‘if by ass-eth being a reference to my freedom, then I shall answer with the party’s title. But I cannot give you their name.’
‘well, who the fuck then?’
‘God… is who the fuck, my brother. And he purchased my ass-eth with wisdom.’
‘fuck that, I own your ass.’
‘your intellect dictates otherwise, sir.’
‘where does this party live, I’ll go have a talk with them.’
‘you won’t have enough petrol in your car not fanfare to reach their whereabouts. But is be more than happy to relay a message in you’re stead.’
‘they have email?’
‘would you like the business address or private?’
‘there are numerous accounts.’
‘business then.’
‘their business is deadly for the accumulation if wisdom, not money, I’m afraid my client won’t want to do business with someone who has none.’
‘well fuck you too, my cousin is moving into your room. we’ll see who owns your ass-eth then.’
‘even if the other party won’t speak in my defense, I know for a fact you could never afford my ass-eth with all the money in the world.’
‘whatever, ilk get the last laugh.’
‘My check will be in the mail, eventually. And I should advise you to try combining your last breath with a very good joke, my client cannot be outbid in the purchase of ass-eths. You’ve earned nothing if you’ve not earned a good laugh. Farewell, old boy.’
‘you still owe me, bitch.’
‘money. let us not forget I owe you only money. Not my respect, but I’ll throw in pity for the fuck of it all.’


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