Letter home from the junior varsity team

We’ve waited 6 days and nights. Each day felt like an era. But come tomorrow morning the tables will finally be turned. My friends and I have waited too long for this day, the day we get to take our turn. A dozen bad eggs going to show everyone how to play. We’re better athletes than everyone seems to think. ‘The slanderous team across the pond’ says the varsity champs. Them across the pond can spread all the dumb rumors they want about us, but we won’t stoop to their level. Even tonight, we’re preparing ourselves in the moonlight, until the coach sends us in. Tomorrow morning’s glory is going to make us stars. It looks like rain tomorrow, too. Still, not a chance of postponement, if anything, the rain will fall to our advantage. We’ve been trained in the worst conditions you can wrap your minds around! They did not give us much at all to work with. The other team won’t know what hit them. We’ll finally redeem ourselves from being slaughtered the last time because we played with or brains instead of or hearts.We didn’t even have our cleats! Ooh, we’re out for blood this time around. Do yourselves a favor; pay a couple of bucks and sit on our side of the bleachers -the winning side. Bet on us, the Great Danes, cause we underdogs are going to drown the Pitbulls in a tidal fury. Call us the Great ‘Dames’, did they? Well, we’ll see if they still sing the same tune after we take back that which was denied us. We’ll make them drag their droopy, dumbfounded brains back to their one horse town. I bet they’ll be singing the blues, then!

We hope the birds like our flowers!
-We loved the cookies!

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