Excerpt deleted from Condor of the Alexandria

We were going to listen to dumb obscure shit at the party, I figured. Tom would probably tell us the singer recorded all the vocals to their songs in different cities while sitting on a little red wagon with a homemade potato microphone, or anything else the band we were listening to, did to be less obscure.

The jumps into a pool were one of the highest points of self-esteem and confidence kids could have in themselves, and made you watch because they wanted you to see how happy they were with themselves. A small handful of kids got to keep that feeling going till they became a kid again. Most will see that feeling less and less. Some weren’t given a chance at all.

Recording crappy songs through a potato was like setting up a vigil for a broken heart or a headless gummi-bear on the corner of 7th and Flower during lunchtime. People would walk around it to get to their lunch. Those who stopped to pay a little respect, would realize the 12 seconds of the lunch break they had paid to the scam-vigil was non-refundable. Those bands might want us to watch all the ways they can jump in a pool next. If they could do it AND stay dry, I’ll watch. I’ll buy a fucking album, and listen to it!

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