it’s a wonderful life

I find movies are funny when they pitch that It’s a Wonderful Life archetype. Prioritizing a lesson in appreciation of life’s trivialities before it’s too late. I appreciate the philanthropic sentiment of the gesture, and concur it’s forwarding, however, I, personally have yet to be convinced of the message’s proclaimed affect. A spoonful of sugar really helps the medicine go down.

In a war, intelligence is the only weapon all sides can attest to being the most critical weapon of offense and defense. I can’t help the way my mind processes. It’s prone to over analyze things until they become satirically stygian, and I’ve lost faith in humanity. This happens quite often, and the only way to slow it down is to drink. I know that’s a terrible solution, but I’m without health insurance for fancy pills or a therapist to tell me what I already know. Maybe love is the answer, but it’s too expensive for me, and possibly more venomous.

When my fingers aren’t firing like machine guns on this keyboard, I’m out smelling the roses and holding the door open for you. If you’re being a prick, I’ll tell you a joke with plenty of hoke. I’m Dr. Jekyll and I see the beauty in humanity, that it’s a wonderful life. But in the back of my mind, Mr. Hyde says I’m wasting my time, and waits until it’s time for him to write. I’m both these people. Yet I don’t know which one I really am; the blood and bones or the immortal words of the night.

What little intelligence I have, terrifies me to death in the morning.

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