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the shell, the tusk, and the newsweek subscription

I was taking a trip across the continent,
Without a map and free to my will’s content.
Adventure and chance both came and went,
Serendipitous with praise and lament.

As the vessel slowly fell apart,
I could no longer feel my heart.
No longer was gas getting to the car,
No longer did my heart want to start.

Travelers I’ve helped along the way,
Did not remember me on that day.
As I borrowed father’s car, he joked I’d someday pay.
As I begged him for help from afar, he had nothing to say.

I was never right and he was never wrong,
This philosophy he taught his children in song.
But my trip taught me we were allowed to be strong,
Even without our father’s help, we knew we would get along.

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