licentious liberteens

When two people argue about beliefs it resembles two monkeys arguing over a banana. Who ever screeches loudest wins the banana. In better terms, fighting over whether a 24-pack of Bud Light can get you more trashed than a 24-pack of Coors Light. They are unaware their passion does not make them extraordinary. The reality is, no one in their circle is, let alone can they define what an extraordinary person is like. They’re probably convinced they are the extraordinary one.

Man was subject to becoming stereotypes in the past, but have now been faced with having to become something other than being a stereotype. Then there are those complacent with a life of low expectations; those being the survivors. Their children will survive. The determined and the wishful have no idea how bleak the future has become, a future propelled by contentment and simplicity. Hopes and dreams extinguished by hopes and dreams.

The youth of our Aquarian dance chooses where he or she can apply themselves and, at the very least, are sensible enough to know their place. We all employ our escapism tactics in order to help it go down smooth. Be it: booze, marijuana, aderal, cocaine, your garden-variety eviction notice stipulations. It matters little which medium is chosen, (promiscuity and elitism can be tossed in this muck salad) it’s their need for escapism that is the clue.

We’re born into a world where, even, the educated don’t have many options for survival. Who you know and how many friends you have in your social network, is seemingly more important that your qualifications or your major. (I’ve been hired for my friend count as it proposed more targets to promote towards on multiple occasions, and have been fired for publicly mocking them on that same network.) Romantic hopes and fluttery dreams just aren’t going to cut it. Every specialist would be out of a job if everyone was already a specialist.

You pair the grimness of our world to come with our inability to moderate our escapes and that gives you, the half divorced seniors, the freedom you fought for on our behalf, the Aquarians. And you bet your sweet ass when we say we won’t exactly fancy fighting for freedom for our kids like mama and papa did. We’ll just worry about it when it happens.

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