nom de guerre

the mornin’s Meaning Only a(rgh)nnoyed.
Deafening yella sun ate busy eyelids,
nutriciously nosy, nonyabizzness honks o’traffic o’
tardy birds, bees, tulips, flies, tries, thieves, But
plop’d stopped in Bear’s bed most o’Bear eves.
Bear nag’d my snorings, likesame, graced.
fried four frantic eyelids 4 breakfast.

tired red sun withered and deaf over the eyelidless.
tardy Insipids 4ever tardy.
the Bear and I paced with hungry gaits and queried
claws. prance’d, scowl’d, howl’d.
Bear packed leftover eyelids, left a Bearless room,
and left snorings in melancholy Grace.
doth haunt, taunt, rolling rock’d
dauntless ticker of mine, undock’d,
Bear snores, vestiged n’reverbed an alarm clock,
conceive the mornin’s Meaning Only unBearably a(rgh)’d


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