coffee and oatmeal (post was a personal test to see if I could write the same way after a month of sobriety. I didn’t pass)

I spent the workday pretending to be frustrated and clicking furiously on the work laptop and teasing my hair when no one was looking, just so I could look more unstable when someone walked by. The surprising bit, was that it actually worked. Our servers containing all our work had a technical malfunction the day before, but I had refused to tell anyone else in the office that I had backed up all our clientele files. After I recovered everything this morning, I decided today was a good day to take a break, which is the general feeling I have for most days, and waited until the end of my day to discover how I’d recovered everything. So I executed the aforementioned routine and listened to The Kinks’ Lola vs. Powerman and the Moneygoround Part I, while secretly Facebooking and making plans via text.

After work, my boss got me a vege Pad Thai, because he seemed to believe the act itself would promote a general well-wishing for the rest of my day to which my camouflaged transgression momentarily escaped me. Along with a coconut water to help wash the well-wishes down. It always amazes me the things that humans do to convey a feeling, sometimes without a word. I nodded, smiled and gave him a “job well down,” pat on the back, and waited till I turned the corner to skip to my train station.

I stopped by the Trader Joe’s a block away from my apartment to pick up mini oatmeal cookies and coffee icecream. I’ve been suppressing this spontaneous craving my palette has annoyed me with for quite some time now, and I believed it was time to submit. I’m not usually a fan of sweets, you can ask anyone I know, but I’m not a monster. I like sweets every now and then, but if you saw my father in his adolescence, you’d understand. Either way, I’m allergic to chocolate, so I can’t exactly have the popular Cookie’s and Cream or chocolate chip cookies, so my palette isn’t that weird. But this girl that’s had a crush on me forever was there today. (I can tell by the way she swings her hair to the side when she talks to me about living free and partying with her friends, and tells me I should “totally get wasted with her.”) She seems to believe I have a penchant for drinking from the 4 months I was showing up everyday for a bottle of two-buck-chuck because I was heartbroken. Well… that waaas a bit misleading, now that I think about it, but she gave me the icecream for free! Then mentioned it being her favorite flavor and how she loves coffee. I worked in a coffeeshop for 9 years, and I don’t like coffee, but to each their own. Anyway, the girl is really adorable and awesome for making my day even better, and I skipped a block back to my apartment. I hope she didn’t read into that.

Of course my roommate left the apartment a mess, and there’s a passed out guy whom I’ve met before but can’t remember the name to. So I cleaned up, and put my sweets away. Here’s the thing; my day has been a very pleasant one so far, and from personal experience, “never invite happiness in without a full cavity search.” Someone upstairs got some numbers wrong, and sprinkled a bit of “YAY” into my day, but they always come back to collect. I know it sounds like I’m being paranoid, but I didn’t even touch the bud-cookies my roommates made downstairs. I know I can’t be the only one who has that rule, I just can’t wait for the reveal. In any case, I think I’m just going to enjoy my coffee icecream, which really is delicious, my oatmeal cookies, watch season 4 of It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, and veg out.
(Things are more interesting to read when you’ve got something to complain about. But filming all weekend has left my brain indolent and my room littered with water bottles and costumes. Plus! I just found out my blog was number 4 under the Dry Humor category today!)

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