Cheating doesn’t hurt, it’s the lying that does

I’d like to live my life making the right decisions with a sense of righteousness and tolerance. Of course the one condition of living is dying, or oral sex. Namaste. Tonight, I decided to get angry with the rising tuition costs for school. Though I don’t have any interest for school, Some people out there think school will make their lives better. Mark Twain and I never let schooling get in the way of our education. If you want good ideas, college is the last place to look. College just authenticates what you already know, in a different way.

If you haven’t caught on, I’m not bad-mouthing education, I’m bad-mouthing schools. raise your laptops if you know someone who’s over qualified for their job/ over qualified to get a job? It could even be you. *glowing white Apple symbols fill the air* That reminds me, when’s the statutory limit for soul-sucking again? Paying for college is tough, paying for a university is worse. That’s where you actually know the faculty doesn’t give a flying fuck about you.

The odds are, you’re better off doing something fun before you finish school and say to yourself, “fuck, I didn’t dance enough when I was young and stupid. Now I’m just stupid.”

best photo editor ever, didn't learn that in school 🙂


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