Borders Patrol

They say bad things happen for a reason, and they say it’s God’s will. But no matter how religious you are or how strong your faith, you’re always going to look both ways before you cross the street. Events are rarely detrimental, but they more of an opportunity for one to show how well you can adapt or play jazz.

My company is falling apart but that doesn’t mean the end of the world. When you’re face to face with a bear, your best option is to stand up straight and roar back, not become moving game. Goodluck to all my work family, I love you guys so much and I’ll stick around for as long as I can, but you guys should definitely take this opportunity to fight back. For some, you’re fighting for your lives. Don’t let a bear eat you without flailing, claw it’s fucking eyeballs and rip out their tongues.

If I'm gonna go, I wanna dress the part. You live with dignity, you can't die with it.


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