Big Home

I’m in the dark, my mind punching away at ideas. Write, write, and sleep, and work, and write some more. Red white and blue Asics pedaling a red white and blue road bike through the intersections of California. We all need a little bit of air. Red wine, white wine, in a blue glass, I’ve no idea how long this holiday can last. There’s a saying the throatcutters say and that’s “go big, or go home.” What if ‘big’ and ‘home’ are the same place?

Can all the underachievers of the world unite and try just a bit harder? put on those sneakers and run forward, not around things, it’ll just take longer. And in the end, be the thing that drives you mad. As it says in the fucking bible, “rock out with your cock out.” Thy shall be done, bitch.

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