Stop Making Fun of People Who Can’t Defend Themselves

Do you know someone whom you’d call, “the friendliest person in the world?” Someone who’d turn their cheeks as if they had more than two? They’re not anymore special than you, so stop taking advantage of their kindness. A good friend of mine, possibly the greatest friend you could ever ask for, has been taken advantage of by his lady for far too long. He gets pushed around at work, but still manages to squeeze out a smile, a joke and a laugh. And fucking A, he has the heartiest laugh you’ve ever heard. People complain about never finding people like that or ever getting the chance to meet one, but that’s because your collective antics deter them. You push them into a form of depression which only makes them smile, laugh, and joke more. To the trained eye, that’s a terrible thing to witness. They’ll never speak up for themselves because they don’t want to hurt your feelings, so I’m doing it for them now.

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