Bad Date Follies

Did you know there are people that judge people based on their cover? Not just that, but they make it a rule of thumb. I just had the worst lunch-date with a person who seemed to truly believe she was above everyone else, through class, and separation of church and state. Didn’t we abolish these small-minded persons when we elected a black president? Even when gay marriage was being fought for, or even with Run DMC and Aerosmith’s fusion of rock and hip-hop? Her exact words were and I quote, “Why the fuck would I waste my time being nice to people who are below the food chain.” She had just finished being unnecessarily hostile to the hispanic waiter, and ordered a Chicken Tandoori curry, after exclaiming she was a vegan in the car.

That’s when I got quiet and just watched her go off onto a tangent that led into not believing ingestion of alcohol or drugs as acceptable by laws of human existence. I laughed and did not reply, but it wasn’t a laugh with her. Then she mentioned how she loved Vico-tuss; a prescriptive and highly potent bronchitis remedy only accessible if your family makes five figures or more. “That’s okay because it helped.” Now I spoke, “oh, like the 2500 dollar extensions in your hair? They worked and have altered your body.” Then she muttered something or other about the two being different subjects. I uttered back for her to point out a single difference. She said she took debate and that my argument was out of context, and I responded saying her having to point out my argument without a valid difference was deflective and submissionary. She was not aware I possessed knowledge in the annoying art of debate.

How can one not believe in the kindness of others? She firmly believes that people are naturally conniving through her experiences, which I believe she is entitled. But I believe in the goodness of people at times, and to pay it forward if I receive a touch of good karma. I used to believe that the world was dark and random, but in reality, it IS what you entitle it to be. I’m no “happy feelings for everyone” preacher, believe me on this one, but I believe good things can happen, and bad things can happen, but the right things always happens, they’re like steps on a staircase.

I paid the bill at that mediocre Indian restaurant because I felt I offended her, but I’m certain I won’t be calling her anytime soon. I just gave it chance because she was named after a popular fruit. Now that I think about it, I was never really fond of that fruit, it was too aggressive on my palate and gums. Nope, couldn’t chew and swallow that shit.


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4 responses to “Bad Date Follies

  1. Kelly

    Haha Aye. Some people are way to much to handle. I’m sorry to hear your hard earned money was spent on a nonsense date.

    i only cost a spacebag and a home cooked meal. =] haha

  2. Analise

    aha! i hate people like that! but I don’t think i want to argue with you either. you can do better!

  3. Haha! You already sound infinitely better. As long as you can laugh, and (as proved,) make me laugh, you’re golden.

  4. 🙂 thank you analise. I just couldn’t stand her not wanting to tip or her not wanting to even smile or make eye contact with the waiter. born with a silver spoon i suppose.

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