Stand Before Us


I wouldn’t even know where to begin telling you the story of where things in my life are placed right now. How about we start off with the simple points? I just moved into a new apartment, inadvertently became a psyche doctor for a new roommate, got wood floors and a second story, puddle pondering the thought of filing for bankruptcy (because English is better spoken with cash,)  and trying to figure out a girl who doesn’t need to be figured out, (which is an oxymoron according to people who know people.)

What kind of psychiatrist has problems that their own psychiatry can solve? All of them, yet they will not allow it. All people are born with an elitist attitude towards themselves, well, not born with but have been conditioned to believe, therefore, our own advice is no good to us. So what do we do about of? What can we do about it? Nothing. Sad to say, but is true. But that, luckily, doesn’t mean we should do nothing. All we can and should do is keep progressing, keep going. And eventually, things will sort themselves out. When you become a better version of your current self, you become more open-minded to the positivity and progression of where your being is headed. I’m a doctor, I know what I’m saying so shut the fuck up.

Don’t question why the wandering wind blows, but question where it is going and where you can pick up the seemingly dissonant draft. The waves in the serene, savage ocean dances with disregard to your needs but you never yell at the sea, why yell at your life? Are they so different? Are we? You’ve got problems and so does the traveller behind you, and guess what, your big problems don’t make you any bigger. You’re the same size as I. So are our wants. Even Daniel Johnston became a worldwide genius in his bathroom.

But if you’re gonna bitch, grab an empty stool and sit right next to the rest of us, I promise we’ll hear it, or better yet, we’ll listen.



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2 responses to “Stand Before Us

  1. kelly

    do i get one of those stress squeezer squeaker dealys?

  2. Haha, the ones shaped like mini sports balls? I want one that looks like a banana

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