The Modern Age


Lets change things up a bit. You be the high powered executive woman, and I’ll make curdling creative casseroles at home. We will refuse to get a house and instead focus all the imagination on our apartment loft. Curiously, caringly and creatively assimilate the days of our mothers and fathers into this world’s binary mothers and fathers. Keeping the cellophane grass greener on this side.

Well learn how to cook foods from all over the world with your news networks from all over the world play on the kitchen radio. I’ll do the laundry while you get our taxes done. you read to me in a foreign language, and I’ll refill your wineglass with a smile, not having any idea of what you’re talking about. (I never do, even when you speak in English.)

We’ll go ride bikes through the park on Saturdays and have dinner at Dorsia, because you have the right friends, know the right people. As sure as rainy day porches under a canopy, I know the moments that you’re around are the moments I’ll remember when I get Alzheimer’s.

Then one day things will change, and I’ll have to pretend I didn’t know why. Our bikes collect dust and we’ll go out to dinners for show. That will embody what the moment means.

A marriage of new Spring leaves and Autumn foliage.


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