Venomous Postulate

I finally took it off. The ring of hope that never did fit on any of my fingers, but still waiting to wrap itself to reality like a snake upon it’s prey. For a long time, it remained perched upon a cheap second hand necklace chain devoid of what symbolism I had intended to gloss into it. The numbers and results were never in my favor. It was only an ornament that I used to associate with love and hope, but eventually became a reminder of mortality in all aspects.

Did I have the guts to go after something that I thought would mean something to me? Yes. And when I yanked it off my neck like the noose it was, I also realized I had the guts to stop humoring myself. Despair is like rain, and pours over everyone indiscriminately. I know now to always carry a jacket.

I’m, by no means, a seer, but the inhumanity I’ve seen committed by angels can cast dark devious shadows on anyone. Always carry a jacket.



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2 responses to “Venomous Postulate

  1. joybadluckclub

    i haven’t checked on you for awhile, i missed reading your amazing blog

  2. Always sweet words from you: )

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