Catastrophic Logic

Floating is what we do when we look for the absolute answer through our peripherals. I couldn’t follow the common methods and procedures to uncover these truths because it was these methods and procedures that were fucked in the first place. So I floated.

Imagine yourself on the back of a motorcycle, blindfolded. You can’t see beyond the cloth why it is that the road rises and falls, and that bumps and potholes warp your entire body. Senses are led into believing these things just happen, and overtime we apply our own sense of meaning to this, tagged with our own sense of why it is that we feel the bumps, without actually removing the blindfold. Science has never been able to remove the blindfold, but only been able to lead us into believing why mental and physical physics occur with the best possible explanation, whilst concieving better explanations in the process. That is the hole of science. Science is a never ending equation and the best method of solution is through spiritualism, which is against science in the first place. Its as if the expansion of scientific truth is an inverse function of scientific effort. Catastrophic Logic.

The woods was what I needed. They inferred truth, sympathy, intuition, and even the concept of time. But the woods were gone. The sun sets over straight lines, and the moon shimmers in right angles. The wind has been predicted and the rain has been forecasted. Science oppressed science and religion meant well, but didn’t mean much anymore. The left has become right, and we laugh while we cry.

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