Grecian Bender



4 p.m. Tea Time in Downtown LA. Seagrams tea vodka, an awkward combination, yet a fantastic result followed. The monthly Artwalk was the perfect playground for a Bender.

Armed with my two good mates, one of which who signs my paychecks, we shared our tea and asked homeless people for money. Delightful conversations with victims stuck in number to bumper traffic and losing neon hula-hoop contests. I got a lesson in hula hooping from a 7 year old carni.

When the long islands ran low, I pulled out my little flask of love potion number 9. Shared with a nice German girl, of course my good mates came in as overcast and scared her into the shade. Typical, but we all laugh anyway. Then we found ourselves in a Grecian Jewelers booth. Lovely custom made jewelry with Sterling silver and svarovsky crystals. Before I knew it, I was attracting a crowd. Little regards to stagefright, I spoke like a Victorian ringmaster and helped the Greek woman sell jewelry. If only I had a whip.

My mates and I wobbled back to our Jeep with a crowd twice as big as when we started, and danced and sung Billy Jean on repeat. We hallucinated a giant rabbit caricature artist, then soon realized the improbability of having the same hallucination. The giant rabbit was real! And instinctively, I jumped into my Victorian accent and attracted customers for him. But I did it with Egor’s hunch because the giant rabbit reminded me of Dr. Frankenstein. I don’t know why.

It was a fun night, it was a Bender. It was long overdue and I needed it to remind me that I can go out and have fun, and most importantly, laugh. I became the circus and it was brilliant. I’ll make sure to be at the next one, by the way, my writing seems a bit scattered and smallminded today because I have a hangover the size of Jupiter and I’m texting this on my phone. I need a prairie oyster.

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