Scientific Echelon


What is religion? The dictionary states it as an institution to express belief in a divine power. What is divine? It is percieving intuitively through perceptive powers. New question; is fact then, not a power, a perceptive power, at that? So in theory, science can be a religion. The only difference between science and the traditional religion, is that science revolves around humanity and religion revolves around divine credit.

I, myself, am a Catholic in training, but my argument isn’t to denote inconsistencies of religion nor is it to unintentionally blaspheme. It seems more so everyday that religion is meant to be a morality guideline, in which case, shares the same moral guidelines as most, if not, all the other religions as well. Which brings to question what I’ve dubbed, divine credit, which is another story for another time.

Science is ruled by logic, and we employ logic everyday. Its almost as if we pray to science by utilizing logic. There are two kinds of logic, inductive and deductive, as most of us psyche majors are aware of. And both methods essentially blanket our quest for answers. These kinds of logic, at first glance, seem dull and cautious, but they’ve been made that way in order to keep us from looking like fools. Romanticizing logic only spells disaster, and will dislodge any efforts we’ve made in any problematic edifice. Yet this doesn’t apply only to just scientific equations or mechanical issues, this applies to human social relations too.

You’ve all heard, “the power in the relationship belongs to whoever cares less.” Why is this? It is because of romanticism. We have a knack for applying too much too fast, before the wheels have been greased, meaning we drive ourselves insane before any factual information turns up, when in fact, nothing has happened. Impulsiveness has proven useful too few a times to ever be called useful at all.

Spending time to go through all the hierarchies of the laws of attraction don’t sound appealing to anyone, and as a result, this leads to offbeat pacing when the two involved should be striding along at the same pace. Attraction and love CAN actually be broken down to a science, until you truly learn, “patience is a virtue.”


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