The Pen and the Sword

Amidst the rebellion stage of our youth, we yearn to destroy the “system.” We never fully accommodate the system for what it actually is. Imploring anarchy and the longing for a sense of something new or something better beginning. But as long as the minds or mentalities that prompted the old system remain, the old system will never die. Only as a collective, as a team will we be able to abolish anything.

I checked my Stanford-Binet score from when I was 20 and compared it to the score I have now. My score is in the high degrees, and has expanded slightly, but it’s left me with even less than I had before. My common sense has grown dull but only because I started thinking with my heart, what exactly is that supposed to tell me?

I’ve become an old wise man all before the age of 24, it seems sometimes that my mind intentionally evades childhood and seems adamant in not letting me taste it’s tender innocence. That’s just downright unfair. That’s why I drink. Please let me be stupid. It doesn’t hurt there. I don’t want the answers, I just want to have questions for once.

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