Regurgitatory Theory


Night and day, old and new. One is birthed from the other. It is questionable as to which came first, but one simply does not exist without the other. The new become old, and the old become new again. This is our viciousness. Our minds process faster and faster with each impended generation as we repeat this cycle and it will never be possible to discern that past is the future, old is new. Progressive thought IS in our nature and like a newborn, it is destined or doomed to relearn the ways of the world.

Adolescence into maturity, maturity into adolescence, the world is round and so is our nature. Our natural instincts. We destroy then build. Or build then destroy, neither has ever been significant, yet as humanity dictates, the destruction earns more credit. You can dream all you want, but the odds are against you. The odds were where it counts. and if you defy the odds, you will become significant, and then, even that fades.


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