And It Shall Be Swift and Painless


Oxytocin. A chemical in the human body which inhibits bonding. The scientific reason to why long distance relationships don’t work. Many have speculated numerous reasons causing its failure, but they have always remained just that, speculations.

Oxytocin is acquired from hugs, hand holding, or even proximity ignition. This is my assessment and I hope this serves you. It doesn’t matter if you’re soulmates, the human mind can only be so strong as to give you substitutes while your love is away, but, it too, is limited in willpower. Even if it is strong, you also have to depend on the willpower of your other half. And as we know, depending on others can prove futile. Goodluck and farewell, faraway lovers.

The bit of humanity I have left only exists in my mind when my body imitates a corpse.



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2 responses to “And It Shall Be Swift and Painless

  1. long distance lovers, it just ain’t fair

  2. We’d never appreciate anything as miscreants if it was.

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