Lain Underground, Face Down


Before I knew it, I’d already finished my plate without registering the taste of the food. I was already blowdrying my hair, not remembering that I’d showered. The wick had reached the base of the candle. They say the things that go wrong often make the best memories, and the things that go right often pass unappreciated. The compendium of good times I’ve experienced deserve to be recollected. “Every possession and happiness is but lent by chance,” said Schopenhauer, “for an uncertain amount of time and may be demanded back the next hour.”

Its hard to become less finicky especially with intelligence, as nature’s shown us, the highminded are more prone to misery. And most of our sadness stems from dealings or relationships we have with other humans. I appreciate a good joke every now and then, and will even laugh out loud (sometimes) regardless of it’s comedic content. But would you rather be smart or happy?

A friend of mine just recently feined interest in current events and the news. She’d always been a cheery, dreamy, happy thought-zombie, but now has turned into a cynic fixated on the agony and misery of the world. She ate a bit of reality, and now has an appreciation for what ive been saying all along, which is a demented circumstance to bat.

Every crotch shot she shares with the world, makes it that much easier to move on.

“I like a room with a view, but I like to sit with my back turned to it.”


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