Bigger and Stronger and Less Alive


Sometimes things are just black and white. If there ever was a gray area, I was in it. Ive sucked it in, took one for the team, and attempting to be “positive,” and turning my cheek left and right to absorb these slaps. Even the blind man with knife in hand, can convince himself that he understands.

I’ll pretend to be naive cause it makes you feel good to feel clever. But you ain’t. I’d much rather say nothing now in order to see how much you really love God. This has nothing to do with me after all, I’m gray. I’m a crutch for when you feel lost and lonely. This time, I’ll be the one peeking my head out on the side of the road on the motorcycle. I think you’re ready to drive. Don’t forget, you need to clutch before you can shift.


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