Lynching Hearts



“Faith in humanity.” It’s one of those phrases that get funnier everytime you hear it despite the frequency of use. I’ve spent a large amount of time studying humans and the psychology of their minds and still am. Like a veteran detective in the slums, I am no longer surprised about the inhumanity in humans.

I gave another Lynch a chance to redeem that name, and it seemed promising in the beginning. Familiar. The contract our synchronized bodies signed in the moonlight was shredded when she signed a new one with my roommate. It wasn’t entirely her fault, I mean, he had a sixpack. Admittedly, I also asked him to swoon her into succumbing. I just gave her faith in not reciprocating his advances and had faith in knowing she would. I sat staring out the blue tinted morning window reminiscing my previous heart-lynching. She walked in quiet as a mouse and apologized. She cried on my back as I stared thinking this pain had already been covered in my list of life experiences. I heard her though I wasn’t listening. I think she misunderstood my silence for deep contemplation of hurt and forgiveness. I was thinking about my last one, and how much more efficient the pain from that one was. This one thought she broke my heart when I had actually left it in the suitcase of the previous.

She packed her little belongings into a littler purse, put on her gold blouse and blue skirt and lingered. She folded my clothes and watered my sunflower, Lilly with the faucet. Though it seemed tempting for her to water it with her plentiful tears. I reacted as much as Lilly did.

Truth is, I didn’t really care for her apologies. The best apologies are the unnecessary ones. This human did exactly what I had envisioned, and the thought of being lonely actually became less scary. I don’t mind being a hot and sour soup without the hot, it just won’t be the same, indefinitely. I stayed at the window as she closed the apartment door quietly, and disappeared to wherever it was she came from. Such a sad waste of the only pair of silver eyes I’d ever seen.


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