Patient #3


2010 A.D. The Age of Aquarius. This age is supposed to reflect that title as the previous ages have been reflected by the corresponding zodiac. However, this age is the last age that is mentioned in the Bible.

Humans have traveled a long way to get to where we are. We are progressive like a cancer and we spread at just about the same pace, in terms of ratio, perhaps faster. Natural weather occurrences acts like the immune system of the human body, and it’s purpose is to flush us, cancer cells, out. Hurricanes, tsunamis, feverish summer nights, and frostbitten winter mornings. And over time, we’ve fortified our tumors and developed antibodies to counteract and defy nature’s immune system, yet thousands still fall victim. Therapy after therapy, the world can find no curefor us, as we spread through earth’s entire being.


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