Dance For Some Change




Strike poses to the flashing eyes of the audience. Juggling, dancing, philosophical seering, maybe sing something too. Us, traveling performers, inspire others to laugh, cry, feel, and think. Then do. Our approach has been a honed and insightful craft, and the audience is no match for our speedy minds. Instead of ridicule, we are humble and translate with ease. After all, its the same in any language, a brother is a brother wherever you go. Pay attention and don’t be late for the show when you find one of these travelling performers.

Every now and then, they remember they themselves are human too, and have to reject the possession, even momentarily. Short lunchbreak, then its back to work, but not always a short lunchbreak. Everyone and everyone can just as easily lose their way in a forest of bystanders. Wait patiently for the next performer to lead you out. Don’t panic, it tangles the tangles.

I’m coming back from break, and about to catch the next show.


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