We Could Be Holidays, We’re So Sparkly



I’m just another average asshole in LA. Strangely enough, that isn’t pessimism. No there aren’t any big secrets to why I’m such a downer or why I’m so bitter, I just think everyone is guilty until proven innocent. With recent times, that acclamation has never disappointed and neither have the people it’s applied to.

If you claim to love someone so much, why whisper it in the shadows to them. Is it shameful? Why not say it aloud so everyone can hear? I don’t wanna be average, I want to be different, special, blah, blah, blah, all that other shit everyone wants to be. BUT, I only want to be those things to you.

I suppose I could lift the veil of naivety and ask and answer why it is that you love me amongst the shadows only. Its so you can love everyone else there too. If we can’t see each other, then it doesn’t hurt each other. We’re all average assholes from different cities to you. I know that game by rote.

Call my name out loud when you’re ready. Maybe then, just maybe, everything can taste sweet. And believe me, I’ve tasted the sour.


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